YKAI on the barricades for educational opportunities

The Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation YKAI has devoted itself to helping underprivileged children ever since 1979. The NGO has set up several initiatives to offer them a better future. In the Indonesian region of Semarang, YKAI is working in close cooperation with the Collibri Foundation.

For almost 4 decades, YKAI has been launching health and education projects to improve children's living conditions and to raise matters such as child slavery. They do this by lobbying with several public authorities supported by international partners. Moreover, YKAI offers underprivileged young people a second chance in education. Thanks to the personal approach and support, this leads to success for most students.

International collaboration

To steer this reintegration in the right direction, YKAI counts on sponsors from the international business world. The foundation's co-workers look for schools that qualify for scholarship students in their own region. Most of these schools select a large number of youngsters from underprivileged or remote areas. It's precisely this direct, local approach that fits in perfectly with the spirit of Collibri Foundation.


A few years ago, YKAI visited the schools and educational initiatives of Semarang and selected some that could really use the help of Collibri Foundation. Ever since, the NGO has been acting as a go-between and ensuring the follow-up of the financial means Collibri Foundation provides for local youngsters.

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