From school drop-out to involved citizen

Young people who drop out of school often see their future prospects go up in smoke. They feel that they don’t belong in this world. Odyssée’s mission is to identify these young people, train them, help them make new discoveries and find a direction, and become aware of their individual and collective potential. Thanks to new projects, the non-profit gives young people the keys to take charge of their lives and to get involved in society again. Regardless of their origin, social status, family situation or any disability.
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“Odyssée is committed to enabling each person to become autonomous, gain true self-esteem and to take charge of their life.” 


Young people go back to school.

A multifaceted issue

School absenteeism, lack of interest in studies, no diploma... A significant number of young people in Belgium between the ages of 12 and 25 drop out of school. The issue is multifaceted. Most drop-outs are between 15 and 17 years old. It is estimated that the drop-out rate is 9.7% in Brussels and 9.8% in Wallonia*.

“In 2019, it was estimated that over 25% of students in secondary education in Brussels were two years behind.” 

There are many reasons why people drop out of school. They are mainly personal issues (behavioural difficulties and troubles, lack of involvement in school, delinquency, etc.), family issues (the parents’ approach to education, the quality of the parent/child relationship, etc.), school (class atmosphere, teacher/student relationship, etc.) and environmental (socio-economic vulnerability).

This breakdown has an impact on the individual (unemployment, poverty, physical and mental issues, shorter life expectancy, etc.) as well as on society (loss of income, criminality and vandalism, less intergenerational mobility, etc.). Overall, young people who drop out of school take a less active part in society. A study shows that drop-outs are less likely to vote than people with a diploma.

Listen, approach, convince, support

Odyssée takes a proactive approach to support young people who want to give renewed meaning to their life. A multidisciplinary team consisting of psychologists, pedagogues, educators, social workers and young adults who have also been drop-outs identify the young people, reach out to them and help them take a step back - and get a running start - through personalised support. The young people gradually find a project which is meaningful to them and enables them to return to school or get trained.


Young people find a project that’s meaningful to them.

The young people attend group workshops.

They then take part in group workshops in which they develop self-esteem, self-confidence, trust in others, and a spirit of citizenship. They also discover their skills and direction. Odyssée’s goal is to awaken a sense of belonging to the world in the young people which will encourage them to become committed to it and build a future for themselves and for the global community. Once they have found their place in society again, the Odyssée team closes out its action by confirming that the young people are fully dedicated to their new project.

“On average, over the past ten years, 90% of the young people contacted have agreed to meet with the Odyssée team. About 80% of them have become involved in a school or work project.” 


Odyssée trains youth assistance professionals who work to prevent students from dropping out. They are trained in its methodology, which is based on 22 years of experience reintegrating school drop-outs: “Global motivation”. This way, the non-profit shares its vision and its practical tools with the professionals who support the young people in the field.

Odyssée trains youth assistance professionals who work to prevent students from dropping out.


Young people and educators become motivated again.

Motivation regained

The Odyssée method impacts the lives of young people and of teachers and society. The young people who receive support have the keys to find their place in this world. They learn to develop their collective intelligence, which is inclusive and respectful of the environment in which they live. They regain their motivation and their desire to take part, and be players, in their world. They find their way back to school or training and then employment.

The teachers and educators also find renewed motivation and hope by dedicating their time to the future of the next generations. Lastly, society welcomes resilient young people who are very adaptable and have a spirit of citizenship who will contribute to the creation of a more egalitarian world in which everyone can find their place.


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