YOUCA: bridge between North and South

Of course, young people are also concerned about what is happening in the world. Thanks to YOUCA, young people with different backgrounds can swap ideas and take action together. Their dream: a better world for everyone!
since 2005
EUR 30,000/year + participation in YOUCA Action Day
Op Zuiddag gaan jongeren in debat met elkaar over de rechten van jongeren.

Young people = active world citizens

YOUCA is short for YOUth for Change and Action. It is an organisation for and by young people that stimulates them to create a fair society together. They want to make young people aware of what's going on in society and actively support them in their commitment.

Highlight of the year is the 'YOUCA Action Day' in October: Flemish and Brussels youngsters work one day in a company, organisation, public service or private business. The salary they earn is contributed to a project for young people in the South that fits in with the annual theme the youngsters chose.

Colruyt Group found an ideal partner in non-profit organisation YOUCA. Meanwhile we have already been working together for 14 years! Colruyt Group also proposes jobs for young people every year: in its stores, production departments, distribution centres and central services. 

Theme for 2019: young people in Guinea take control of their future

This year, YOUCA and Trias are joining forces to help young people in Guinea out of poverty. Learning a technical trade or setting up a small business offer the best opportunities of earning an income. However, 75% of young people in Guinea is unemployed and many have not received any education. Trias wants to reduce unemployment among young people by coaching young entrepreneurs and offering them training. For example, vocational training, business management and leadership training. With the support of YOUCA and Collibri Foundation, Trias is able to help more young people to start their own successful business. This means that they can take control themselves and bring about change in the difficult circumstances in which they find themselves.

Woman in Guinea, working with a sewing machine
YOUCA-ambassadeurs en jongeren in Ecuador

Theme for 2018: better living conditions for girls in Ecuador

Last year, more than 15,000 students rolled up their sleeves during the 'YOUCA Action Day' and 256 young people took part in other YOUCA activities. The proceeds from their efforts have been used by YOUCA and Plan International Belgium to help young women in Ecuador. 1 in every 6 girls living in Guayaquil (Ecuador) has a child before turning 19. Many teenage pregnancies are the result of sexual violence. Plan International Belgium provides more access to sex education and birth control. They also do their best to give young women the opportunity to make their own decisions in their community on matters that concern them and ultimately to ban all forms of gender-based violence.

Five young YOUCA ambassadors met the Ecuadorian youngsters during a fact-finding trip. Read more about their experiences here.

Zuiddag 2015
Zuiddag 2015
Zuiddag 2015

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