Call for new Belgian or international projects

At this moment, Collibri Foundation supports 10 projects abroad and 11 projects in Belgium. On this page, we will launch our calls for projects when we are searching for new partner organisations. For Belgian projects, there is a call for projects every two years in the autumn. For international projects, we issue a call when an opportunity arises. Be sure to keep an eye on our newsletter in order not to miss any calls!

At this moment, there is no call for projects.

What kind of projects/organisations are we searching for?

Collibri Foundation supports motivated youngsters between 15 and 24 who find themselves in a vulnerable context, both in Belgium and abroad. It is our mission to offer young people more chances for a successful future through extra-curricular training and exchanges. We do this by focussing on our two priority themes:

  1. We aim at the professional integration of the youngsters. This can be done through training and support, aimed at the improvement of soft skills, personal development, or orientation, among other things. Trainings around hard skills, such as farming techniques for international projects and entrepreneurial knowledge, also promote the professional integration of the youngsters into their environment. In this way, we try to reduce the gap between youngsters and the labour market.
  2. We want to promote citizenship among youngsters. This can be done by sensitising youngsters about societal and social topics such as solidarity, the North-South issue, the multicultural society, migration or world citizenship. In this way, we want to encourage youngsters to participate in society.

Here you can find the eligibility criteria to be met when participating in a call for projects. 

Our offer 

If the project is selected, it will receive both financial and non-financial support from Collibri Foundation for the duration of the specified period (including an exit period). The amount of the financial support varies per call.

We also offer non-financial support to:

  1. increase the opportunities for the youngsters of our partner organisations
  2. contribute to the capacity building of our partner organisations.

We do this by connecting youngsters and partner organisations with each other through exchanges, events or workshops, and by stimulating Colruyt Group co-workers to share their expertise, skills and time with them. An active participation of our partner organisations in our varied and extensive offer of non-financial support is of great importance to us.


The selection procedure

During the request period, we, the Collibri Foundation team, will decide whether your project sufficiently matches our vision and strategy. We do this on the basis of an extensive application form that we ask you to fill in. After this pre-selection, we invite the remaining candidates/projects for an online interview. Belgian project applicants will also receive a site visit as an additional round. The Advisory Committee will then select the finalist projects. The definitive decision will be taken by the Board of Directors, and be based on the considerations of the Advisory Committee. The whole procedure takes an average of three months. 

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