A Boost for life

Your diploma is the steppingstone for the rest of your life. Sometimes, however, studying hard is not enough. Young people from vulnerable families have an even harder time succeeding in studies. Even in Belgium. ‘Boost for Talents’ increases their chances of success at school, at work, in life.
Since September 2014
EUR 125,000/year
Brussels, Belgium
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Greater chances of success

Boost is an education programme for Brussels youngsters from vulnerable environments. They are intensively coached from the fourth secondary year until they find their first job. The Boosters mainly work on their personal development to increase their chances of succeeding in higher education and later in their professional life. It also allows them to become role models in their environment.

Boost for Talents was created by the King Baudouin Foundation in 2011 and is now active in four cities. Collibri Foundation has been supporting the Brussels project since 2014. 

Proved reliability

Collibri Foundation supported 25 Brussels Boosters who started their fourth secondary year in September 2014 and achieved brilliant results. Mieke Vercaeren who is responsible for education: "We have seen how these young people grew and made the successful step to higher education. It convinced us to start supporting a second group of 25 Brussels youngsters from September 2018."


© Frank Toussaint

Become an inspiration

An independent jury selected the 25 pupils, who started their Boost track in September 2018. "We wish them as much success as their predecessors", says Mieke Vercaeren. "We hope they will already make a difference on the way by becoming an inspiration for their classmates, families and friends. And maybe even for their neighbourhood, for Brussels and for society. We really need all the talent we can find."

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