An internship that opens doors

This year again, a few Indonesian students will have the opportunity to travel to Belgium. You will discover who they are here!

In Indonesia compulsory education stops after the third year of secondary school. Many Indonesian teenagers dream of higher education but are forced to drop out of school early to start working. For this reason, Collibri Foundation supports several education projects to stimulate teenagers to continue studying.

Four Indonesian students may go even further in October, if they can submit a good report at the end of the academic year. They will be given the opportunity to do a Collibri Foundation internship at Colruyt Group. For three weeks, they will be introduced to the Belgian culture and the different divisions of the company. But they will also elaborate a business plan, with the assistance of a coach. A great finale for their training, and a nice start of their career. Before that happens, the students would already like to introduce themselves to you.


  • Name: Adianto Retno Nugroho
  • Age: 22
  • Studies: Accounting
  • Loves: Travelling and fried chicken
  • Dream job: "I want to be an entrepreneur because I am attracted by the freedom this job offers."


  • Name: Dewi Nugraheni
  • Age: 21
  • Studies: Management
  • Loves: Walking in nature, eat kosher and meatballs with noodles
  • Dream job: "It is my dream to be a manager or director in the best company in Indonesia. Such a job would be a perfect fit with my studies."


  • Name: Ahmad Sibahul Khoir
  • Age: 22
  • Studies: Study of the Quran
  • Loves: Football, cycling, calligraphy and noodles with chicken
  • Dream job: "A job as a teacher of the Quran or an entrepreneur in batik fabric seems fantastic."


  • Name: Lola Rinawati
  • Age: 22
  • Studies: Accounting
  • Loves: Dancing, music and fried rice
  • Dream job: "I would like to be a bookkeeper and achieve all the goals I have in mind."

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