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Collibri Foundation supports young people in difficult situations. In 2022, we spent more than € 1,150,000 on 18 education projects in 11 countries. We thus reached 10,480 youngsters.

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How do we choose our projects?

We make the conscious choice to support a small number of projects. This allows us to work intensively with our partners, and together turn these projects into success stories.

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Foreign projects

Fighting inequality remains a great challenge to this day. The millennium goals have not yet been achieved. We use the Human Development Index as a guideline and mainly chose projects with a low score. We also choose regions where Colruyt Group can start a chain project concerning sustainable products. This allows us to reach both the local active adults and the young people. This way, we want to achieve both economic and social development.

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Projects in Belgium

Although education in Belgium is democratised, it turns out that young people do not always have the best chances. In our country, too, young people's socio-economic backgrounds play an important role in their chance for success. (For example boost We work with, among others, the King Baudouin Foundation.)

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Who do we work with?

For all our projects, we work together with experts such as foundations and universities. They guarantee, among other things, the local follow up and evaluation of the project, its implementation and the consequent follow up and reporting. Together with the partners, we are also looking for ways to contribute to the connection between the North and the South, from our own expertise and network.

Propose a project

Go to our project calls page for more information about the eligibility criteria, our offer and the application procedure.

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