Democratic Republic of the Congo: a deliciously fair coffee

After an unstable period, agriculture in East Congo is due for a welcome revival. For this reason, Collibri Foundation organises specific education projects to reinforce the economic role of young farmers.
40,000 euro/year

Young people are the driving force of agricultural development

Young people play a key role in agriculture in North Kivu. With their overwhelming enthusiasm, their true passion for agriculture and their physical strength, they are the keystone of agricultural development in the region. However, for their work to be profitable, they often lack general training and specific knowledge related to growing potatoes and coffee, and raising rabbits. Through the Lofepaco platform (Ligue des Organisations des Femmes Paysannes du Congo), the Collibri Foundation targets its investments in multidimensional training for young farmers aged between 18 and 35 years. They learn not only several farming and animal husbandry techniques, but also the basics of accounting and marketing. Thus, they can independently develop a diversified range of products and they are less dependent on unpredictable harvests.

Strengthened market position

From 2022, Lofepaco will also focus on integrating young people into the market by offering them the opportunity to learn about the value chains of their products and their economic rights. They will also be connected to local microfinance associations, such as MuSo (Mutuelles de Solidarité) and AVEC (Associations Villageoises d'Epargne et de Crédit). These financial institutions aim to stimulate economic growth and social well-being in rural communities that do not have access to traditional bank credit. They are generally managed by the residents of the communities themselves. Lofepaco will create and develop, with the young people concerned, this type of institution in the Lubero region. By supporting agro-pastoral activities, Lofepaco intends to strengthen the position of young people in the market.


Investing in the future

Lofepaco supports the sustainable initiatives of farmers in North Kivu. It provides training and support for young people, with particular support for young women. Since autumn 2018, the organisation has benefitted from the support of the Collibri Foundation.

Investing in young people is investing in the future In North Kivu, Lofepaco supports around 325 young farmers to optimise their techniques, manage their land and their stock, as well as acquire commercial skills. These young people make the difference in the fight against poverty and food security.

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