Burundi: local entrepreneurship

Each and every one of us has one or several talents. This is what the Collibri Foundation wants to help young people in Burundi to find, so that they can put their skills to good use. For their own well-being and that of their community.
since 2014
EUR 30,000/year
Burundi, Africa

In collaboration with King Baudouin Foundation, the Collibri Foundation has been supporting training projects since 2014 in Burundi, notably through two training centres focused on the active professions in the area where Colruyt Group’s coffee beans are farmed. In 2016, due to a partnership with two coffee cooperatives, we decided to redirect our objective and focus on training 100 young people.

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As during the first phase, the Collibri Foundation remains present in the communities of Rutegama and Giheta, but is now looking to boost the skills of 100 young people, 50 in each community, without the earlier link to official education. The young people selected have for the most part completed their schooling but are disappointed not to have found work. All of them lack entrepreneurial spirit and self confidence. This hinders their ability to seize upon local opportunities and contribute to the well-being of their family and community.

This programme sets out to develop the skills of 100 young people in line with their aspirations and that of their community.

Alongside this programme, we also support coffee growers in Rutegama and Giheta by buying 6 containers of coffee each year, produced by the farming cooperatives of which they are members. Find more information on this topic here.

Yes, they can

For the training and mentoring programme for young people, we base our work on the SALT method, developed by the Constellation NGO. Basic principle: each community has its own capabilities that it sometimes doesn't recognise. It is therefore necessary to help them discover such skills and stimulate them to face the challenges that arise.

The SALT method is comprised of four foundations:

  • Support through actively listening and asking questions.
  • Accompanying the young people in formulating their dreams and evaluating their skills/talents in relation to the fulfilment of those goals.
  • Linking local solutions to national and international solutions where possible (implementing partnerships and the exchange of good practices).
  • Transferring best practices to other groups (inspiring others).

In this way, we hope to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit among young people and inspire them to achieve projects the entire community can enjoy.

Project Burundi
Project Burundi

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