Peru: youngsters with a farming dream

In the Ayacucho region in Peru, young people are training in agriculture in order to set up their own business. They thus improve their own and their community's living conditions.
since 2018
35,000 €/year
Ayacucho, Peru
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Young entrepreneurs

More and more Peruvian youngsters from families with limited economic means move to the city hoping to start a better life there. Unfortunately, they often end up in even worse living conditions. Since 2007, Solid is doing everything they can to change this. This non-profit organisation provides training in the Ayacucho region in the Peruvian Andes mountain range. One of these training courses is Jovem, which is derived from 'jovenes emprendedores' or 'young entrepreneurs'.

Acting for the benefit of their community 

Jovem is a technical agricultural training course for motivated young people aged 15 to 22 who live in the Ayacucho region. They develop and become real agricultural entrepreneurs after having followed several quality trainings on sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. The content of the course is not only about the job as such, but also covers topics such as entrepreneurship, business management, as well as behavioural and people skills. After two years of intensive training and coaching, third year students set up their own businesses and are organised into a youth farmer association. From 2022, Solid will ensure that this association is further developed and consolidated. 

© Isabel Corthier - Solid

The result: young people rediscover the strength and value of rural life, as well as the future opportunities it offers, all while using their talents for the benefit of their community. Thus they contribute to the surge of enthusiasm and the quality of life at its heart. Furthermore, they represent a real source of inspiration for their parents and their community, and show that a better life is possible in a rural environment.

The Collibri Foundation has been supporting young people since 2018 in collaboration with Solid. In 2022, 145 young people from the region will start their three-year training period to work on their future.

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