13 years Collibri Foundation

2018: already 20 products that support us

Over the years, the range of products with a Collibri Foundation is expanded to twenty products.

2015: Collibri Foundation is spreading new wings

From now on, we also support projects in Belgium. And in order to get the best out of each project, eight Colruyt Group employees will start working as ambassadors. For our fundraising, we made the choice of an exclusive partner: Boni Selection.

Koning Boudewijnstichting, partner van Collibri Foundation

2010: A new caretaker

The King Baudouin Foundation takes charge of managing Collibri Foundation's funds.

Producten Collibri 2005

2005: A whetted appetite

Customers now find products with a Collibri Foundation seal in Colruyt Group's store aisles. Five percent of the proceeds go to educational projects. Over the years, the range is expanded to ten products.


2005: Collibri Foundation first sees the light of day

Collibri Foundation is introduced to the larger public with an official press release.

Kachalu koffie

2005: A product with a story

In the Graindor packages, customers can now also find Fair Trade coffee from Kachalú in Colombia. Colruyt Group has decided to finance educational projects with part of the proceeds.

Opstart Collibri

2002: Everyone participates

Colruyt Group sets up a charter. They make agreements with suppliers concerning, among other things, audits. They share this charter with their customers and suppliers. The customers' reactions flood in. They want to contribute as well.


2000: Facing the North-South problem

More and more, Colruyt Group purchases products in their countries of origin. This gives them a front row seat to the problems facing developing countries.

Collibri Foundation


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