Studying to make dreams come true? It's possible!

This year three ambitious young people from Indonesia stand a chance of doing an internship of several weeks in Belgium. We are happy to introduce them to you!

Collibri Foundation supports a variety of education projects in Indonesia, a country where education is only compulsory until the third year of secondary school. Many Indonesian teenagers dream of higher education but are forced to drop out of school early to work. Collibri Foundation encourages teenagers to continue their studies and pursue an education. In acknowledgement of their efforts, Collibri Foundation offers a number of these students an internship at Colruyt Group, turning their dreams into real life opportunities.

These young people are not just handed such an opportunity on a plate: they have to demonstrate that they can speak and write English sufficiently and have obtained good grades at the end of the academic year. Hopefully, four motivated students will graduate in August and will be able to join us in October for an internship. In the meantime, we would already like to introduce them to you.


  • Name: Isadora Mawarani Kunti

  • Age:  23 years

  • Studying:  English literature

  • Interests: Singing, steak and playing guitar

  • Dream job: "I am currently working as an administrative employee in the healthcare sector. But my real dream job is to become a PR or HR manager of an international hotel chain."


  • Name: Lia Nurmalitasari

  • Age:  22 years

  • Studying:  Accounting

  • Interests: Gentle music, spicy food and fried rice

  • Dream job: "I would like to end up working for the Indonesian government or for a multinational."


  • Name: Municha Luthfa

  • Age:  22 years

  • Studying:  Biology

  • Interests: Films, growing vegetables and roast chicken

  • Dream job: "I want to teach in remote areas of Indonesia that face a shortage of teachers. The level of education is still too low so I could certainly useful there."

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