"It feels like a privilege going back to school"

My name is Maira Alejandra Ortiz Martinez, born on 26 March 2001 in El Socorro. I live with my father and mother on a farm.

I spend a lot of time with family and friends. I appreciate every moment that I can share with them. I love dancing, listening to music, reading and especially laughing. I like going to school. That's where I have the chance to learn new methods of growing coffee.

It's my aim to succeed at being a coffee entrepreneur, but it was difficult to get a decent education because my parents are poor. I didn't go to school for a while because I had to help them. It now feels like a privilege going back to school and taking part in the project 'A new generation of coffee entrepreneurs'.

We receive training, technical support, materials and coffee plants to start our own plantation. My family and I want to learn innovative farming techniques that we can use on our farm. I want to sow and care for more than 4,500 coffee plants to produce quality coffee. With the money I earn, I hope to pay for my further studies.

I am very happy and proud to take part in this project. Therefore I would like to thank Collibri Foundation and Efico Foundation for the support they have given to young people in rural areas.

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