Luis, a young coffee entrepreneur with a dream

Luis wants to grow great coffee in the Colombian countryside. He knows good education will make his dream come true. That’s why he is studying as much as he can. 

“My future is in the countryside”

I am Luis Hernando Barajas, I’m almost 20 years old. My biggest wish is to continue to live and work in the countryside. Thanks to my training about the coffee business, I am sure my dream will come true.

I live on a farm called Chinival in the municipality of Oiba, 250 km north of the Columbian capital Bogota. I live there with my parents and my two siblings.

I am in the tenth grade of the Luis A. Calvo School in the municipality of Gambita, where I have learned a lot. I always have fun playing soccer. I like to learn English too. It’s not difficult and I am sure that knowing languages will make me more successful.

1.500 coffee trees

The project ‘A New Generation of Coffee Entrepreneurs’ is a huge opportunity for the rural students of the Calvo School because it is a trigger for economic and social development. I am grateful for being in the project.

My goal for 2019? Learn more about coffee business and sow 1,500 coffee trees. I am sure I am going to make it. I want to keep working in my coffee business because I love nature and the countryside. My biggest wish is to continue living in the countryside and growing great coffee.

Every day again, I feel that my future is in the countryside. I will do my best to learn a lot and improve my practical experience. With my income from the coffee business I can save money and pay for my university studies.

Therefore, I want to thank everyone who has made this possible for me: Collibri Foundation, Efico Foundation, SENA, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and the department of Santander. They contribute to the economic and social development of young farmers.

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