Twins with one love: coffee

I am Maria Fernanda Marin Peña, I am the twin sister of Angie Daniela. We always say that we are similar but different.

We grew side by side in our mother's belly - that's something very special. We do everything together and always look out for one another, unconditionally. We study together at the Escuela Industrial in Oiba.

I want to become a coffee entrepreneur together with my sister. We inherited our love of coffee from our father: coffee growing has been his life's work. Thanks to these coffee beans, our parents succeeded in fulfilling their dreams, as well as educating us and paying the bills.

That is why I am very happy to take part - together with my sister - in the project 'A new generation of coffee entrepreneurs'. Thanks to this project, we know how to use the best agricultural techniques. We have learned how new technologies and processes can improve our competitiveness and incomes.

The project not only teaches the use of new technologies, but also ensures social and cultural progress. This has been made possible thanks to Collibri Foundation and Efico Foundation.

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