"I’ve found my vocation in the countryside"

My name is Juan Gabriel Mosquera León, I am 17 years old. I was raised in a family where values and principles are very important, and respect is one of them.

My father Arturo is a hard worker and a typical country man from a simple family. He taught me a lot. Just like my father, my mother is very wise. I have three brothers and sisters: Luis Fernando, Jesus Alberto and Mariela.

My brother Luis Fernando is a brave person and someone who inspires me every day. When he got leukemia, we had a hard time. That was an emotional period. But with the help of God and our family, we got through that difficult period. Now he is working for the farm again and is also studying.

I want to help my brother Luis Fernando and also become a coffee entrepreneur. I have found my vocation in the countryside. My goal: to learn how to grow coffee in the best possible way. That's why I'm now at the Escuela Industrial in the town of Oiba. I want to share my knowledge with the other coffee growers from Portachuelo, where I live. We have to help each other and be a close community.

I am really happy being part of the project 'A new generation of coffee entrepreneurs'. I would like to thank Collibri Foundation and Efico Foundation for continuing to believe in young entrepreneurs in rural areas.

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