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As from 22 March, you will see our banana displays surface at Colruyt, Bio-Planet and OKay. Buy one Boni Selection organic banana for 1 € and support the education of girls and young banana farmers in Tambacounda, Senegal. 

Organic bananas and fair trade, straight from Senegal

That is the purpose of the trade chain Colruyt Group started in 2013. Before then, Senegal had never exported bananas. Together with importer Agrofair, Vredeseilanden and the local cooperative Aprovag, we want to start up a high-quality and sustainable production of organic bananas with respect for the producer.

In parallel with Colruyt Group’s commercial partnership, Collibri Foundation invests in two education projects for young people in Tambacounda, Senegal.

Young banana farmers

In cooperation with Vredeseilanden and UC Louvain-Limburg, we organise a practical training for young banana farmers.

"The young people need education. Aprovag already finances stores with school supplies in six villages, but that is not enough", says Issa M'benque, chairman of Aprovag. "We need such education in Tambacounda so young people can build their future here."

Girls with a diploma

In a second project, we want to keep girls in school longer. We provide the badly needed school supplies, we give the teachers a better training and we reduce the school costs.

For this project, we work with Aproden, our local partner. This is an association, established in 2004, that protects and enhances the rights of children. It consists of parents, teachers, but ... young people as well. They help the organisation to raise awareness among other young people.

60,046 euros

This is the result of last year's banana action. To achieve this, we sold bananas for 1 euro a piece from 7 to 12 March 2016, and Colruyt Group doubled the proceeds. We invested this amount in the Senegalese education projects. Thank you for your support!

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