Indispensable school materials

Since early 2016, we have been supporting a new project in Senegal that aims to allow the girls in Tambacounda to stay in school longer. But in order to achieve that, we need the right tools.

A hundred students have now been provided those indispensable school materials. It concerns children from families of humble means or in vulnerable situations. They are not always able to provide their children with the necessary means for school. With support from our local partner Aproden that will become much easier for them.

"We would also like to reinforce the local teachers’ capacity", says Mamadou Sané, coordinator at Aproden. "For instance, we provide tutoring on children’s rights and inclusive education. We will also be donating twenty bicycles so it will be easier for them to get to school."

"And better support will lead to better results, and the girls get to stay in school longer", Mamadou Sané adds. "We were able to realise this with support from Collibri Foundation."

The school materials and bicycle donation took place during an official event. This was presided over by Tambacounda’s deputy prefect. Demba Guèye, secretary general at the IEF (Inspection de l’Education et de la Formation) in Tambacounda and Aproden’s various partners also attended the event.

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