Promising Brussels Boost students heartened

At the end of their fifth year at secondary school, 25 Brussels students of the Boost education project were invited at Colruyt Group. They were introduced to our company and our Collibri Foundation education fund and had an inspiring discussion with CEO Jef Colruyt.


Busy year

The students of vulnerable Brussels environments have just completed their fifth year at secondary school and with that, their second of four ‘Booster’ years. It was a busy year, because in addition to their regular classes at school Boost gave them additional training regarding language, study methods, self-knowledge, social skills etc. They are working hard on themselves and on their future.



One of the extracurricular activities this academic year was a visit to Colruyt Group. CEO Jef Colruyt encouraged the youngsters to continue to work and go for it, with ups and downs. “Because that’s what entrepreneurship is partly about. Entrepreneurship that made our company what it is today”, Jef told the youngsters.

Ins and outs

The students were also introduced to the people behind our Collibri Foundation education fund that financially supports the Brussels Boost project during 4 years. From now on, we will also coach the students in terms of content, for example when choosing their branch of study. A guided tour of our distribution centre and talks with employees from various departments gave the youngsters an idea of the ins and outs AND the jobs in a large retail company. A few Boosters will learn the practical side of working at the group this summer during their holiday job.

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