End of the BOOST year in sight

The 25 young people supported by Collibri Foundation via BOOST, graduate this year. We followed them during the last workshop of the year. Watch the film and see them work.

Since 2014, Collibri Foundation has been supporting 25 Brussels young people by means of the BOOST project. Today, these young people are in their final year of secondary school and they have to make an important choice: what studies to start. This was the central theme of the final workshop of the 3rd BOOST year. Watch the video and read more about the BOOST project.


Stress of choice

On 17 May 2017, the BOOST youngsters met to talk about competences. They talked about their strengths and gave each other advice about their most striking capacities. But they also discussed traps and points of special attention, things to bear in mind when continuing to study. They looked back on the past three years and concentrated on their self-knowledge to make the right choice.

Personal evolution

The young people have come a long way since they started with the BOOST project. They have been able to develop their competences, but they also grew a lot at a personal level. The Boost coaches and Collibri Foundation ambassador Evelyne have watched the BOOSTers evolve and are confident that they will succeed in their studies.

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