Boost keeps talent moving

We are all staying in these days, but with Boost, young talent can develop at home. This organisation works for Belgian young people in vulnerable situations and organises many activities every month. Now that they cannot do that and young people cannot gather for a while, Boost is taking several initiatives for remote contacts. Talent is precious and must not be lost in this period.

Personal assistance

If you join the educational project of Boost, you can count on intensive support as from the fourth year of secondary school. During their school years, young people work on their personal development by means of workshops, inspiring lectures, meetings ... They also get help for their studies, their daily life and their future.

Help with schoolwork

Boost coaches Meruzhan Arshakian, who is in the fifth year of math-science. "We did many activities with the group. We learned how to write a CV, visited Randstad and took part in sports activities at Nike. Now we only have remote contacts by means of a WhatsApp group, mail and the website platform. They give us tips now on how to spend our time at home usefully: sports tips, links to language classes and help for schoolwork. Boost thus helps us through the corona period."

Inspiration to learn new things

Aliza Waqar studies to be a technical pharmaceutical assistance and is happy with the support Boost gives her. Last year, she participated in a summer camp in Germany, where she met many new people. She also stays in remote contact now. "Every week, our field manager - sort of the group's mother - sends us a mail with links to learn something. I recently clicked a link to a documentary about the oceans, which I really enjoyed. It inspires me to learn new things."

Nobody drops out

When young people will be authorised to participate in group activities and see their friends again is unclear for now. However, in the meantime, Boost makes sure that nobody drops out. Still, they are looking forward to seeing each other and to learning, studying and discovering together again.

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