Boost: second round in 2018

Boost is making process. Farah Ridane, from the Fondation Roi Baudouin, tells us about the changes planned for 2018: these include a new activity for young people supported by the Collibri Foundation.


Result 2017: very positive

The 25 young people involved in « Boost », supported by the Collibri Foundation are doing well. 24 have finished their basic education and moved on to higher studies once the schools started again, following all kinds of courses. One of them has had to restart his 6th year for family reasons. However, they all remain motivated, and committed to continuing their studies.

To find out more about the Boost programme.

New activity

A success that Collibri Foundation has decided to repeat: as from September 2018, the foundation will be supporting a new activity for young people from Brussels in their 4th year entering the first stage of this programme at the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF).

Right up until graduation

« First cycle », because the KBF is also announcing the introduction of a second cycle as from 2018. « We have created a model with which to continue following our young people during their higher education, » explains Farah Ridane, Boost coordinator at the King Baudouin Foundation. « Therefore, starting in 2018, we will continue to support our students until they graduate. » In this way Collibri Foundation will have the opportunity to stay in touch with « its » young people for longer…

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