Better future thanks to quinoa

Wilson is a young quinoa farmer from Ayacucho, Peru. Despite his difficult home situation, he can work on his own business with the help of our partner Solid.

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"Thanks to Solid, I will be able to produce and sell quinoa"

Since quinoa made its entrance on the Western market some ten years ago, the plant has become immensely popular. One of the people who are growing quinoa is Wilson, a future Peruvian quinoa farmer: "I am currently living with my grandmother because my father battered my mother and me. It is my dream to become an entrepreneur. That is why I am doing Solids Jovem training. I will then be able to produce organic quinoa and sell it at a good price." 

Young entrepreneurs in Peru

More and more Peruvian youngsters from families with limited economic means move to the city hoping to start a better life there. Unfortunately, they often end up in even worse living conditions. That is why non-profit organisation Solid created the Jovem training. This agricultural training focuses on young people between 15 and 23 in the Ayacuchan Andes. They develop into successful agricultural entrepreneurs thanks to the practical and qualitative farming training. They have farming techniques classes, but also study themes such as business management and personal development. After an intensive 2‑year training and coaching, they start their own business in the 3rd year. The result? The young people discover rural life and use their talents for the benefit of the community.

© Isabel Corthier - Solid

Collibri Foundation supports not just Wilson, but 91 other youngsters who will do the training in the next 3 years.

Read all about the project here.

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