“I learn a lot about agriculture, and also about myself”

Joel is a Peruvian farmer in training. Despite hardship at home, he is 100% committed to his agricultural education.


In March of this year Rosa and José from Solid visited our school to talk about the Jovem training. We had a very interesting workshop with them. We were able to nominate ourselves for the Jovem training. Solid and Jovem believe it is important that our parents support the training and support their children. Because my parents could not be present, I was not selected and therefore I was very sad.



I knew they were strict at Jovem. If you do not show up without a valid reason, you cannot continue the program. My classmates knew how much I wanted to join and told me that someone had been expelled for this reason. So I immediately called Rosa and José and asked them if I could join the training. I was very glad they accepted me. I went home with great joy and discussed it with my parents. They supported me.



I learned so much in the Jovem training this year. About agriculture, crops, quinoa, livestock, animals and about entrepreneurship and business too. But also about myself. And I think that is equally important and valuable. It helps me a lot to develop myself as a person, to learn to appreciate myself, to build my confidence, to set goals for myself and to try to achieve them.

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