With your help, we gathered 38,926 euro. Thank you!

Many customers rounded off their bill to support the education of young people. As promised, Colruyt Group doubles the amount to 77,852 euro in total.


A customer rounds off at the checkout

Thank you so much!


Between 20 October and 2 November, many people participated in the 'Round off' action. We want to thank everyone who rounded off his or her bill to the next euro in the stores of Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet, Spar, Dreamland and Dreambaby! Indeed, with all contributions, we gathered 38,926 euro for educational projects of the Collibri Foundation. And that is not all. Colruyt doubles this amount to a total of 77,852 euro.


"By supporting the education of young people, you help them build a better future"

- Marijke, Colruyt customer

Better future perspectives for more than 9,350 youngsters

Many young people in difficult situations worldwide do not have the opportunity to get an education. Your contribution helps these young people because you support concrete educational projects, both in Belgium and abroad. One example is Mentor-Escale, a Brussels organisation accompanying young refugees with their integration and helping them start a new life.

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Helping youngsters find a place in our society.


You can still round off your bill after the action.

Support Collibri all year long

Even after the action, you can still have your bill rounded off or make a contribution of 1, 2, 3 or 5 euros at the checkout of your Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet, Dreamland and Dreambaby store. Simply let the checkout co-worker know. If you want to support our educational projects even more, you can pay a donation into the account number of the Collibri Foundation. You can find more information below.


Together, we offer better future perspectives to more than 9,350 young people by means of 17 projects in 11 countries. In this way we help to create a better society, step by step.

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