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The IT sector is one of the main employers in India. But not all young people have the means to receive training. Collibri Foundation gives talented youngsters between 18 and 25 the opportunity to improve their skills and find a job faster.
since 2017
€ 28,500/year
Hyderabad, India

IT services: booming business

India is known world-wide for its IT services. The IT sector in India employs 2.8 million people and is also responsible for 8.9 million derived jobs. Thanks to the fast economic growth in the country, the demand for digitally skilled employees increases every day.

Training for 300 young people every year

However, not all youngsters have the financial resources to receive IT training. Consequently, Collibri Foundation supports a project of the NASSCOM Foundation, the foundation of the Indian National Association of Software and Services Companies. Young people in difficult socio-economic situations have the opportunity to receive practice-oriented IT training courses to improve their chances of finding a job.

The project focuses on youngsters from Hyderabad between 18 and 25. Every year, 300 young people can receive one or more training courses: hardware, Excel, etc. In combination with complementary communication and 'soft skills' courses, they learn the skills that are much sought after by employers.

Well-known partner: NASSCOM Foundation

NASSCOM Foundation is not an unknown partner to Collibri Foundation. In 2016, Colruyt Group and NASSCOM established the Colruyt NDLM Centre in the framework of the National Digital Literacy Mission. In this fully-equipped IT centre in a neglected area of Hyderabad, locals are given the opportunity to learn basic IT skills. Until today, 1500 inhabitants of Borabanda already received a 20-hour 'digital literacy' course. The ultimate goal: at least 1 digitally educated person in each family in the region.

Colruyt India

Colruyt Group has been present in India since 2007. Meanwhile, the Colruyt India division employs more than 300 IT experts who help create and carry out strategic IT initiatives (in the fields of retail, distribution, wholesale, etc.).

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