From trainee to business manager

On 5 October, Iva, an Indonesian student, started her Belgian adventure. She does a three-week work placement at Colruyt Group in Halle.


The first fries, outings with her host family, Iva will have a lot of new experiences. But she will have to work as well. Indeed, at the end of her work placement, she will submit a thesis. Her task: draw up a business plan for a new company. Fortunately she will not have to do this alone. Coach Johan will advise and assist her.

Iva will check whether it is possible to establish a company at her home base Java. She will get help from the proper people. Coach Johan Vandenbossche already set up several chain projects for Collibri Foundation. "In our projects, we want to join education and economy. That's why we examine the surroundings of the school to see if a project concerning a product can be set up." Near Iva's old school, such a product is growing: coconuts.

"Coconut briquets for the barbecue are a success in our stores", says Johan. "Instead of throwing away the coconut shells, you can turn them into charcoal. That is better for the environment." If there were coconut briquets from Java in our stores soon, that would be even better. Johan will teach Iva the tricks of the trade. Drawing up a business plan is a great experience for the student. And if her findings are positive, she can help put her plan into reality. Iva may leave us with her first job waiting for her.

Follow Iva's Belgian adventures on Instagram: @CollibriFoundation.

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