"We can see that we make a difference"

Together with her colleague Greet, Sarah puts the Indonesia project on the right road.  In recent weeks, she has been regularly visiting the Collibri Foundation because an important event is about to happen.


"This year, CEO Jef Colruyt and ambassador Nancy Geeroms will be travelling to Indonesia for the first time", says Sarah. "Greet and I go there every year for an evaluation visit. When you visit the projects on the spot, you can really see that we make a difference."

Sarah does not doubt that they will be welcomed there with open arms. She studied in Indonesia as an exchange student and she fell in love with the country. "I learned the Indonesian language and that comes in very handy now. In Indonesia it is not always possible to communicate in English. In that case, I can act as an interpreter."

Sarah is very happy with the progress of the project. "We are doing so much more than awarding scholarships to students. You can see that other people are also inspired by the project; the school and teachers for instance. This way, we have a great impact on the community." 

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