The new intake’s first Boost-year

The school year is nearly over. The 25 Brussels students who started their Boost programme in October 2018, look back on what they have already learned from Boost.

Boost supports 25 young people in the fourth year of secondary school during their studies. Katrin, Ryad and Omayma look back on the school year and share what they have learned from the Boost workshops.


Discovering and developing talents

The young people found their first Boost year very rewarding and have a positive outlook on the remainder of their school career. They now have a stronger foundation because of the study and working methods they have learned. However, developing self-knowledge, self-confidence, ambitions, motivation and insight into their personal talents is just as important. This means that every young person can fulfil his or her potential and will find it easier to go into the next school year or move on to higher education; and after their studies have finished, they will experience a smooth transition into the labour market.

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