New dynamics in the Florentino González School

“The atmosphere at school is much livelier now. People are feeling good about the future, and the sensation of community work has increased.” 

“The first group of students at the project now serve as an example for the others. The students are so motivated that even eight-year-old girls want to participate in the Education for the Future in Santander”, says Francisco Tarazona, headmaster at the Florentino González School, enthusiastically.

Much more motivated young people

During a conversation with the Coffee Growers Committee of Santander, the headmaster talked about the many advantages of the community project. Students developing concrete skills that they can apply at their farms is definitely a great addition to the existing curriculum. He also finds that the young people’s motivation to learn and to work at the farms has increased greatly. There is also a wonderful exchange of knowledge happening, both among the students themselves and between the students and their parents. According to the headmaster, the project is changing the manufacturing practices at the farms as well as the vision for the future of many coffee farmers.

This is also shown in the testimonials we collected.

“The project was amazing, and I’m sure that my quality of life will improve.  Thanks to the skills I’ve learned, I can also teach the people in my community new agricultural techniques. I think that we, as participants in the project, also play a large role in motivating our neighbours and friends to apply these new practices.”

Juan Carlos Santos

“This project convinced me to keep fighting for my dream to stay in this agricultural region. The project already guarantees a better future for my coffee company. I feel absolutely no need to abandon my farm or my coffee company. Thank you for all the support.”

Natalia Santos

“The project taught us how keep the accounts of our finances and production. Now we know how much we spend on coffee plants and how much we produce. Proper administration at the coffee farm will also help increase productivity.”

Cayetano Pinzón en zijn zoon Jorge Andrés Pinzón

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