Jobx X guides young people on the labour market

Our partner Capital vzw launched the JOBX program: a unique experience where young people can explore the labour market by means of advanced technology.

JOBX belicht arbeidsmarkt


ASBL Capital launches the JOBX program.

Finding your way to the labour market

JOBX is an initiative of our partner Capital vzw aimed at helping young people find their way to the labour market. The current youth unemployment rate in Brussels is over 25%. Young people often feel inadequately supported in their search for a job and do not have a clear view of their job options because they are out of touch with how the shop floor works in practice. JOBX offers a concrete and proactive solution to this problem.

Technology helps discover job opportunities

Since May 2022, young people in Brussels can discover different professions and sectors thanks to JOBX. Innovative technologies, such as virtual reality, holograms, digital touch screen and cinema make it happen. It allows young people to playfully broaden their view of the labour market and their future prospects.


Man with VR glasses on


Round table with e.g. Jef Colruyt, Hassan Al Hilou and Alexander De Croo.

Jef Colruyt and Alexander De Croo at the launch 

JOBX was officially launched on 3 May 2022 in the presence of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, Minister Benjamin Dalle, Jef Colruyt and all the partners in the programme. Jef Colruyt also took part in a round table together with Alexander De Croo and Hassan Al Hilou, founder of Capital vzw, among others. They discussed the challenges of the labour market and the role assigned to young people.

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