Tomorrow’s Voices 2022: Collibri’s Got Talent

An interesting workshop about sustainable consumption and production, a whirling open stage and, above all, a lot of enthusiasm: this was the sixth edition of Tomorrow's Voices!


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Inspire each other

Tomorrow's Voices, Collibri Foundation's annual highlight, evolves around mutual inspiration and exchange between youngsters in Belgium and abroad. After two digital editions, the event again took place physically at Colruyt Group's headquarters in Halle on 22 October 2022. Participants and partners of projects in both Belgium and Indonesia were present. From Boost, Capital, Odyssée and Mentor-Escale, over YOUCA or TYN to YKAL

Sustainability workshop

All youngsters present participated enthusiastically in a workshop about responsible production and consumption, a subject that Colruyt Group - the company behind Collibri Foundation - also holds dear. The (inter)active game showed clearly that some food products - for example due to origin or the production process - have a much bigger influence on the environment and/or society than others.


Odyssée workshop sustainability Tomorrow’s Voices

We don't want to tell you what is allowed and what is not, but rather that you have a choice. Choose consciously, eat consciously”, coach Anouk (Odyssée)


Tomorrow’s Voices

Motivated to make a difference

By taking small steps together and making conscious choices, we can make a crucial difference for our planet. All youngsters are aware of this. Sarah (YOUCA): "If we all stop buying environmentally harmful products, we will send a signal to producers and they will adjust their offer." Souhaila (TYN) agrees with that statement: "I have been eating vegetarian for years now, and it is getting ever easier to find veggie variants. That also shows that our choices indeed have an impact."

"You can have a sustainable impact: use your voices for a better tomorrow!”

- Ikopo Bentoto, expert product sustainability at Colruyt Group

In the spotlights: tonnes of talent

The day was concluded in the presence of Colruyt Group co-workers, among which the host families of the Indonesian students. During a festive closing activity, the young people were - also literally - in the spotlight themselves: with live dance, singing and recitals but equally a home-made video game or film trailer. No shortage of enthusiasm, nor of talent.

Curious? The youngsters look back on a successful day.


Open stage Tomorrow’s Voices


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