32 759 euros: thank you for your contribution to the chocolate action!

The chocolate action of the Collibri Foundation raised 32 759 Euros and thus contributes, among other things, to the training of 300 young cocoa farmers in Nicaragua.

During the chocolate action of the Collibri Foundation between 23 March and 5 April, many of you bought chocolate bars from Nicaragua. Thanks to you, €16 379 was raised. And, that's not all! Colruyt Group doubles this amount to achieve a total of €32 759. Thanks to all of you who participated in this deliciously successful action!

For the benefit of projects of the Collibri Foundation

The profits are among other things donated to the Rikolto training course which enables 300 young farmers in Nicaragua to learn how to cultivate cocoa in a sustainable way. This collaboration between the Collibri Foundation and Rikolto aims to create better future prospects for young people in rural areas by strengthening their technical and entrepreneurial competences (leadership, teamwork, communication, etc.) In addition, the projects provide financial support as well as guidance and coaching to enable farmers to develop their cocoa plots and set up their business activities. The long-term goal? Generate jobs with stable incomes, stop the rural exodus and stimulate the community economy.


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