Cocoa: young farmers' move

Knowledge and skills in modern cocoa production techniques. To young people from Nicaragua and Honduras it means independence and an income for themselves and their families.
since 2017
EUR 30,000/year
Nicaragua and Honduras

Yes, Youth Can

To acquire knowledge, 75 youngsters participate in training project La Juventud Si Puede (Yes, Youth Can). They have an economically vulnerable background and slightly less than half of them are girls. They follow a 20-day cocoa programme organised by the Honduran research institute FHIA and the Honduran university CURLA. They learn to grow cocoa in a modern and sustainable way, but they also learn how to run a business and take initiative.

The young people who graduate, then pass on their knowledge to other youngsters in their community. In this way, 225 talented youngsters have the opportunity to get a good education and to grow personally. They also do a work placement in an innovative company or cooperative. After 5 years, the education programme in Honduras will be embedded in a network of cocoa lessons, with courses in Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. 

VECOMA, our local partner

For this project Collibri Foundation works with VECOMA (Vredeseilanden/Rikolto Central-America). They coach local farmers in Honduras and Nicaragua by means of sustainable sector transformations in coffee, cocoa and vegetables. By linking this collaboration with the education of youngsters, we give the education trajectory more depth. Young people can learn from experienced cocoa farmers, who are given the opportunity to share their know-how. This makes the project extra strong.

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