Future Forward Day, an enriching exchange

For the event held on Tuesday the 14th of June 2022, we have invited the partners of the projects we support to come together to learn from each other and to define together what their needs are in terms of non-financial support. Co-workers also joined the discussion to reflect on how they too can play a role and help support young people. A great opportunity to discuss various subjects for the duration of a day.


A face-to-face meeting.

A face-to-face meeting 

The partners of the Collibri Foundation met at the Future Forward Day event organised face-to-face at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren. The occasion to look together at how we can support them. Because, while financial support is essential, we are convinced that non-financial support can also have an impact on the youngsters that live in a difficult context. For example, the development of capabilities, the professionalisation of the structure, the provision of resources (co-workers of the foundation, but also between the partners).

Exchange and reflect together

This event was also the occasion for our partners to meet each other, to discuss their way of working, and also to broaden their network. Our co-workers were also invited to determine together the role they can play in this non-financial support. And this always with the objective of helping youngsters in difficult situations to build a better future for themselves. 


Exchange and reflect together.


A toast to the new functioning of the foundation.

A toast to the new functioning of the foundation

With Jef Colruyt and Alizée du Bus de Warnaffe, manager of the Collibri Foundation, we took stock of the journey of our foundation, which saw the daylight in 2005. The operational management was put in the hands of the King Baudouin Foundation from 2010 to 2020. Since then, the Collibri Foundation has been a non-profit foundation with its own operation and a dedicated team. A beautiful step that we were finally able to celebrate in person after two years. 

Thanks to all participants and to everyone who contributed for their enthusiasm in relation to everything that came out of this day! This event allowed us to define the future together and to move forward in the same direction with all partners.

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