YOUCA on a fact-finding trip to Ecuador

YOUCA supports a better world for everyone, so they focus on a different topic every year. This year, they are working with Plan International Belgium to give young women in Ecuador the chance to take control of their future themselves. Five young YOUCA ambassadors are visiting the project as part of a fact-finding trip.

In Guayaquil, Ecuador, one in every six girls becomes a mother before her 19th birthday – often as a result of sexual violence.  YOUCA and Plan International Belgium want to use their campaign to address this issue.

Carla, Pauline, Marie, Manon and Mathijs, the young YOUCA ambassadors, are the face of that campaign. Their fact-finding trip involves meeting young Ecuadorians and getting to know the country better, but they are also learning more about each other and themselves. 

"Everything that we experience here brings us closer together"

"Now that we’re actually on our fact-finding trip, we can see how much we’ve grown", says Carla from Ghent. "The great experiences that we’re having are really having an effect on us. Our bond is getting stronger and stronger. Everything that we experience here brings us closer together. The personal stories of the young Ecuadorian people are all affecting us in the same way."

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