Update on Pierre from Benin

We recently met Pierre Akpinfa, a young, ambitious farmer from Benin. He followed an agricultural course in our project there. How is his newly established farming business doing?

Pierre is a resourceful guy. For instance, he also soon started to breed pigs in addition to growing rice on the farm he runs together with his uncle. He bought three pigs, three of which were sows. The first piglets were born in April and October 2017 and at the beginning of this year the second sow also gained her first piglets, a minor victory. However, more pigs also means that more pens are needed and more food is needed to feed all of those mouths. Pierre knows this, and he is also keeping a close eye on his farm. So he looked for another way of generating income.

Searching for a solution

To earn the means to maintain his pigs, Pierre started working at a local NGO involved with nature conservation. Pierre worked on their farm where they raise chickens, rabbits and goats. He worked here for 6 out of 7 days. This meant that he had little time left for working on his own farm. For this reason, he refused to extend his contract. Growing maize on his own plot of land did not yield anything either. The field was flooded and the harvest was destroyed.

Other alternatives

Pierre did not give up quickly. In order to be able to install the new pig pens and buy feed, Pierre bought two chickens. Using that money he was able to buy a bottling machine to start his production of fruit juices. So, since June 2017 Pierre has been producing soya milk, and baobab, pineapple and orange juice. He sells these at local markets. Since then, he has also sold 2 of his piglets. This all makes a little difference and helps Pierre’s business make a large step forward.

Innovation and sharing

Pierre is continuing to produce juices and that provides him with sufficient resources. So, today he also has a thriving farm with a sound infrastructure and he now has 20 animals. Since February, Pierre has also been organising training courses for groups of 30 young people from his village. Pierre finds it extremely important to share his knowledge with his fellow villagers, as things are not always easy for them either.

He is motivated young man with his heart in the right place. We will be following him closely.

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