Young people brainstorm on diversity and discrimination

The young people of Zuiddag and some young people of Boost met to reflect on the possible theme for Zuiddag 2016. A day of guts, energy and in-depth discussions. An atmospheric report.

The young people step into the streets in pairs. Their objective? To interview people. About diversity, solidarity and identity.

The students let some people look into a mirror. And they ask the following question: 'When you look into the mirror, who do you see?'. Other people only receive the message 'I think you are beautiful'. A test to see how people react to that. And guess what? Most people find it very difficult to talk about themselves.

The work of the pairs resulted in great films and photos. They are discussed in the group. No subject is avoided. Result: in-depth discussions about their own religion, culture and home situation.

During the closing mirror moment, the young people look into the mirror and talk to who they will be 20 years from now. And this involves the story of the ant: "I feel like an ant who, little by little, contributes to change".

After this special day, everyone goes home with a personal message on their 'mirror'.

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