YOUCA youngsters connect North and South

Connecting young people in the world and exchanging experiences, that is the motive of Collibri's partner YOUCA. Their expertise comes in handy especially since the distance seems to be more difficult to bridge in these times of corona. Working with young people from every corner of the world, the organisation aims at creating a more sustainable and more just society, and that is perfectly possible by means of Skype or Zoom. 


Remote cultural exchange

"We regularly contact young people in Brazil and the Philippines on our laptop", says Amber De Becker, who represents the campaign projects this year as one of the five ambassadors. "We are telling them about our culture and our way of living together. We also chat about daily items. Actually, it is a cultural exchange, but at a distance."



Fear caused by corona

In general, the corona period did not change much for these youngsters. They have always been able to digitally bridge the distance between Belgium, the Philippines and Brazil. However, because of the corona crisis, the Philippine government is watching young people with contacts abroad extra closely. Several YOUCA ambassadors already received a red tag. This means that the government is monitoring their doings on social media.

YOUCA Action Day

Every year in October, YOUCA youngsters gather money in an original way for worldwide projects. Flemish and Brussels pupils go to work at companies, organisations, public services or independent entrepreneurs. They donate their day's pay to the project associated with the annual theme. They choose this independently. Due to the coronavirus, these young people may have to work a little differently, but being creative, they will certainly find a way to hearten their peers abroad.


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