A visit to farmer Pierre

Life as a farmer in Benin is not always straightforward. Pierre Akpinfa, one of the young people in the project there, is proof of this. We visited him on his farm.


Pierre was one of the first young people to follow a training course at Songhaï agricultural school and the model farm Ferme SAIN. His home situation is not easy. His father died at a young age and the health of his mother is rapidly declining. Nevertheless, he is one of the most successful students on the project. He has since started his own farm together with his uncle. He devotes his energies there to rice production and raising pigs. He also produces soya milk and baobab and orange juice.

Pierre is extremely motivated. Jan, the ambassador for the project and Sofie, the project coordinator from UCLL were also able to see this during their full-immersion visit.

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