Update of our Indonesian students

The Indonesian students have finished their internship. What did they think of Belgium? We spent some time with them to see all the things they did during their stay here.

Isadora, Lia, and Municha were able to go to school with the support of the Collibri Foundation. Today, their hard work pays off: they are getting an internship at Colruyt Group. For three weeks, they will work and live as though they were Belgian. They will be completely immersed in Colruyt Group through the means of tours and meetings with our ambassadors. They will also get to know Belgian culture through their host families. But they also need to work. For instance, they need to prepare a presentation on circular economy.


That's a lot of impressions in a short time. What did our Indonesian guests think of all that? We spent some time with them and viewed our organisation and our country through their eyes for a little while.

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