Phase 2: new kiosks, new lamps

In October 2015, the second phase of the Solergy project started. Purpose: Introduce four new solar kiosks and compose a powerful team. On 31 August project owner Stanislas Jules Landjohou took stock.

Collibri Foundation geeft Afrikaanse dorpen licht via het project rond zonne-energie van Solar Zonder Grenzen.

The Solergy team chose Natitingou, capital of Benin region Atacora, for its headquarters. "Between October 2015 and April 2016 we set up a workshop in Natitingou. At the same time we went looking for four apprentices", says Stanislas. "We trained them to be technicians. They can now make lamps and install kiosks."

One of the apprentices is responsible for maintaining the existing kiosks in Savalou. The other three are working in the workshop of Natitingou under the direction of the project owner. It was important to Stanislas that as may men as women were appointed as technicians.

Rinoo lamps

During the second phase, the team also produced 306 Rinoo lamps. They are more solid than the calabash lamps that are being used now, and they last for three years. "Maintaining the fragile calabash lamps is not always easy. We are now distributing the Rinoo lamps in the different kiosks. By the end of 2016 we hope to open two new kiosks that will be equipped with the new Rinoo lamps."

Meanwhile, eight solar kiosks have been started. They are manned by a manager who helps inhabitants charge their lamps. The manager is chosen by the village chief and his board. "The board consists of a chairman, a vice-chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and a planner. They appoint a manager who takes car of the daily operation of the kiosk", says Stanislas. This manager is not appointed by Solergy but volunteers for this task.

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