Online lessons in the Andes

We have supported young entrepreneurs in Peru through our partner Solid since 2018. The Jovem training teaches youngsters about entrepreneurship and agriculture and works on their personal development. Jovem stands for jovenes emprendedores or young entrepreneurs. Because corona measures also apply in Peru and the quinoa is harvested in June, Jovem adapted its programme to provide remote lessons and to continue supporting and motivating these future entrepreneurs.

Rural entrepreneurship

Many young Peruvians move to the city every year for a better future. Unfortunately, they often end up in worse living conditions there. That's why non-profit organisation Solid created the Jovem training. This agrotechnical training targets young people between 15 and 23 in the Ayacuchan Andes. It not only focuses on agricultural subjects, but also on themes such as business management and personal development. After an intensive 2-year period of training, guidance and coaching, they start their own business in the 3rd year. They rediscover rural life and build on a better future locally.

Reducing the distance

"Corona measures made it impossible to follow group lessons in Peru as well. Many young people went to the mountains in June to earn some extra money to help with the quinoa harvest," says Inge Overmeer of Solid. To not lose contact, Jose Galvez Chavelon, one of the enthusiastic workers of the project in Peru, visited the students in the mountains. This allows him to stay up to date with what they're thinking and to prepare them for the online learning programme the organisation put together for them. For now his main priority is reducing the distance and to start lessons again as soon as possible.

YouTube and Google

Jose uses various channels for this. He made a short tutorial on YouTube showing students how to log on to Google Classroom. He put all lessons online and made a clear overview of the different subjects and lesson packages allowing youngsters to easily follow remote classes. We have to see how the situation will evolve in Peru, but with Jose's entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm, the students could not be in better hands. 

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