New start thanks to coffee

Standing on one's own two feet is not simple. Especially if you had as trying a youth as she had. But thanks to her perseverance and the coffee training, she is getting there.

Finding a home

"I was born in San Gil in Colombia. Until I was seven, I lived with my mother and father in Charalá. Because my father battered my mother, she decided to run away with me. We went to live with my grandmother in Chagres, Cincelada. I am still living there, and I am studying at the Florentino Gonzalez School."

Inspiring training

"Since 2015, I am participating in the Education for the Future project. I have taken several different training courses of SENA (national education department). I have learned a lot about entrepreneurship, the coffee industry and all its advantages. But I am also able to grow coffee now. The entire process, from sowing to harvesting, holds no secrets for me. This training was a special experience for me since my grandmother has always grown coffee on her farm."

"Coffee brings people together"

"Thanks to the project we can now grow, harvest and sell coffee plants. My salary enables me to pay for my university studies. In short, this process has given me much more than technical knowledge. I also have the opportunity to make a fresh start and get to know new cities, coffee plantations and people."

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