A new school year, a new BOOST year

'Believe in yourself, take responsibility and work hard.' That's what we remember from the many testimonies at the BOOST kick-off event at the beginning of October. BOOST coaches vulnerable young people in Belgium from the 4th year in secondary school and welcomed the new class of 2015-2016 to this event with loads of inspiration.


Collibri Foundation supports this project of the King Baudouin Foundation for the 2nd year in a row. "And the results are excellent", says Benoit Fontaine of the King Baudouin Foundation. "The 25 BOOSTers from Brussels the Collibri Foundation has been supporting since last year, have all succeeded and have started the 5th year of secondary school. This is not evident for them, because many come from underprivileged families and often have difficulties at school", Benoit explains.

He often compares BOOST with an e-bike: "They receive all the means, and we are there to support them, but they have to pedal." Participants are expected to make an effort, to commit themselves and to have ambition. They need all this because the BOOST programme is hard: 12 workshops, extracurricular activities, tutoring, language classes, etc. The youngsters work hard on themselves and their future.

Inspiration becomes motivation

One of these hard-working young heroes is Hassan. He has not graduated yet, but he shared one of the most remarkable testimonies. He started BOOST last year, in the same year the Collibri Foundation started to support the programme. "Last year, I was sitting in the front row like you now" he tells the new BOOSTers "and I listened to Jef Colruyt. I was so impressed, and I wanted to be just like him: simple but rich. I mean rich in experience of course" he joked. "I also want to innovate, do and discover new things. I want to make my ideas come true."

And that's exactly what Hassan is doing. With his Youth Talks project (an international platform where young people can share ideas) he won the KBC Start it award and was awarded the title of youngest Belgian entrepreneur 2015. "I'm already one step closer to my goal. Maybe I will do business with Jef soon" Hassan laughs.

Curious to find out where the inspiration of the new BOOST class will take them. Collibri Foundation wishes them all the best during the new BOOST year!

© Frank Toussaint
© Frank Toussaint
© Frank Toussaint
© Frank Toussaint

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