A new name for Zuiddag

After ten years, non-profit organisation Zuiddag is taking new steps and changing its name to non-profit organisation YOUCA.

Non-profit organisation Zuiddag will from now on be called non-profit organisation YOUCA, which is an acronym of Youth for Change and Action. After ten years, the organisation has outgrown its name. They are changing it because they are more than just a single day. The youth organisation organises activities throughout the year. In addition, not everything they do revolves around the South. Non-profit organisation YOUCA wants to support engaging with young people in both the South and the North. It is a global organisation.

But their mission is the same: they are an organisation for and by young people that stimulates them to take up social engagement and to work on a more sustainable and just society.

The collaboration between YOUCA and Collibri Foundation will also remain the same. It will continue to be our goal to bring young people from different backgrounds closer to each other.

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