"My goal? 10,000 coffee plants"

To be able to help youngsters, it’s always interesting to get to know them better. This time Carlos, from the coffee project we support in Santander Colombia, tells us a bit more about himself.

Hi! I’m Carlos Andrés Pico Fuentes. I’m 20 years old and I’m a coffee grower from Coromoro-Santander. Thanks to the financial support and technical training of ‘Education for the Future’, I now have a plantation of 4,500 coffee plants. I’m super proud of it, but my ambition is to expand me plantation to 10,000 coffee plants.

I just finished my senior year in the rural high school Florentino Gonzalez. Now I’m working on my dream of being a successful entrepreneur. I want to stay in the countryside and give the coffee sector a boost, together with my brother Angel. He is 13 years old and I’m teaching him everything I learned during the project. I’m also passing on my knowledge to my family and the young people from my village.

The project has given everyone the drive to get to work. We now have the means to stand on our own two feet. This year we will even harvest the first coffee planted during the project. We will send the beans to the coffee cooperative of Santander and with a percentage of the earnings we can expand our coffee plantation. 

I want to thank EFICO Foundation and Collibri Foundation for supporting youngsters like me.  Now we can continue the plantations of our parents, keeping the coffee culture, we’re so proud of in Santander, alive.

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