"My dream? To pass on my love for coffee to my daughters"

"Thanks to 'Education for the Future', I am able to improve the quality of life of my family." Oscar Ariel Cárdenas Cárdenas (29) planted 2,000 coffee plants during the project in Santander. "I expect to plant another 8,000." Oscar tells his story.

"I learnt everything I know about coffee from my father. I lived with my parents until I was 20. Then I decided to stand on my own two feet, and my father gave me a plot of his land. It was a fantastic gift as it meant I could start my own coffee business."

"In the beginning, I took a very traditional approach, as my father had always done. Now, with the technical knowledge and support from 'Education for the Future', I have a different perspective on coffee. I now really see it as a business, with improved processes and tighter plantation management. This is something that my incredible wife Lucila helps me with.

Thanks to the project, I now have everything I need to expand my plantation and turn it into a success. I have a young daughter, Yulitza, and my second daughter is on the way. She will be called Thaliana. My children mean everything to me and I want to give them a good future. My dream is that they will follow in my footsteps and that I can leave them a successful business. However, above all I hope that they will inherit my great love for coffee."

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