A job for Syed and Hemalatha

What does it mean for young people in India to receive a little support and be able to study something that opens their horizons to a career in IT? We went along and asked them ourselves.

Syed Sajeed and Hemalatha Reddy are two of the 300 young people that have the chance every year to follow hands-on IT courses. These are young people who are short of money and so do not always have the means to embark on studies. NASSCOM Foundation and Collibri Foundation have given them a little support to increase their chances of a job.

Chance of a dream job for Syed

"I'm extremely pleased that I'm able to take part in these training courses", said Syed. "I look forward to learning as much as possible and experiencing new things. I did have some basic knowledge of software and computer networks. Now I have the chance to take my knowledge to the next level."

That is because Syed, just like so many other people in India, has a dream. "I want to become a network administrator. My dream is to start working at a company specialised in network systems for companies. My ideal job there would be as a network architect. Of course, you need good basic knowledge for this. With good basic knowledge, it will be easier for me to achieve my goal," said Syed. "So, these training courses really are a great opportunity for me."

Hemalatha chooses the banking sector

"A good knowledge of software is essential for any job, whether it's in a small or large company. That's why I put myself forward as a candidate for this programme."

Hemalatha also knows what she wants to achieve with her training. "I want to work in the banking sector. For this reason, it's also very important that I have a good command of spreadsheets and calculation sheets. Everything in banking revolves around figures, and so the better I can work with figures, the more accurate my documents and reports will be", she said. "I look forward to developing my knowledge and hopefully finding a good job."

One step closer

Naturally, having the right training increases the chance of a job. "Our aim is that at least a half of the participants are able to find a job", said Hari Subramanian, departmental head of Colruyt India. "To succeed in this aim, we joined forces with local NGOs to get the programme started. We will be strictly monitoring the level and quality of the training courses.

Almost half of the population of India, around 600 million people, is under 25. They also dream of a good job and a warm house for their family. This initiative takes them one step closer to this dream."

Watch the full interview with Hari Subramanian and also read about the content of this project.


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