"It starts with us"

In 2050, there will be 9 billion people on this planet. How are we going to feed all of them? This is what keeps today's young people up at night. That is why this year, Zuiddag's campaign was all about sustainable food.

Zuiddag 2015


On October 22nd, one hundred young people gathered for 'Yes, Youth Can', a Zuiddag event. Indonesian student Iva also participated that day. She is doing an internship at Colruyt Group thanks to our educational project in Indonesia. The young people divided into groups and each group was given a challenge. Together with her teammates, Iva tried to make spaghetti bolognese while keeping the food kilometres as low as possible. Philippe from Colruyt Group came by to check on them in the afternoon. As manager of sustainable sourcing, he explained to the young people what sustainable food entails.

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Zuiddag 2015

Colruyt Group is supporting Zuiddag for the tenth year in a row. On that day, students can do something for charity.  In addition to the event 'Yes, Youth Can', more than 14,000 Flemish and Brussels students went to work at a company. Colruyt Group made 165 jobs available.  The wages the students earn will go to charity: Nicaraguan young people who work in the cocoa industry.

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Zuiddag 2015
Zuiddag 2015
Zuiddag 2015
Zuiddag 2015

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